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My name is Karen Eddins and I am the proud owner of Birdie Bird Aviary and Birdie Bird Pet Shop.  I was born in Portland, Oregon. I later moved to Boise, Idaho and graduated from Borah High School. I met my hubby in school. We have been married for 46 years, have two grown kids, and two fantastic granddaughters. I have always had a love for animals.  I originally wanted to be a vet. I owned D&K's Pets in Meridian many years ago and went on to owning other businesses. My heart was still involved in animals, so sometime ago I started a Bird aviary and began to raise many kinds of parrots and macaws. Now I have opened up BIRDIE BIRD PET SHOP. Many of the baby birds I have here are ones I hand fed from babies out of my aviary.


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 Type of Bird
 Regular Price in $ | Each
 Sale Price in $ | Each
 English Baby Budgies
 89.99 59.99
 Baby Parakeets
Baby Hand Feed Green Cheeks
 Yellow Sided & Pineapple
 399.99 329.00
 Green Cheek With Cage
 Baby Love Birds
 80.00 60.00
Two Love Birds
 150.00 115.00
 Baby Red Lored Amazon [Hand Fed]
 849.00 700.00
 Baby Mexican Red Head [Hand Fed]
 849.00 700.00
 Baby Blue Front Amazon [Hand Fed]
 899.00 759.00
Special >
Two african grey congos, each one comes with own cage  $750.00  each  includes large cage, their toys, perches and their feeding dishes.  Cage comes with metal seed guards and a play stand on top.  The cage is creme colored. 

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